Erotic massage

We treat you to an exquisite, absolute pleasure!
Your heart beats faster, blood circulation intensifies, your voice becomes husky, and lots of desires appear in your mind, galloping, and they do find their realization. Work, conference, party, shopping – all this pale into insignificance. Here and now, this exact time and space, is all that important. The time left to the moment you experience a heavenly pleasure. The space between her – an adorable professional of a “Super Massage” salon – and you.

The “Super Massage” salon of erotic massage Kiev is a place where Fairies of Pleasure live
Erotic sensual massage is not just passes of hands of a massage therapist aimed to relieve body problems or pain of a Client. It’s not a sequence of stretches; it is not aimed to set a dislocated joint. It does not conquer cellulite; it does not help to manually get rid of tophus.
Erotic tantric massage is an art; its each component was carefully collected during ages, being handed over from generation to generation, from country to country. And only a woman, who received from the Nature such three great gifts – ability to love, seduce and bring pleasure – can have an intimate knowledge of this art.
Tender little fingers, flying above your body, will make you forget all your worries and troubles.
A touch of breasts of a perfect form and divine beauty will make your heart beat as fast as a heart of a sprinter running his Olympic race.
Glorious silky hips, seductive inflexions of perfect bodies, trembling of a soft skin, which is more velvety than the velvet itself… Even just a physical presence of our Fairies is a powerful sensual experience! \ Even just a physical presence of our Fairies can lead to a powerful orgasm!
But, for sure, a physical presence is the smallest pleasure masseuses from the “Super Massage” salon can give you.
The “Super Massage” salon has everything to share with you love and pleasure, our precious clients. Our girls are true temptresses who know all the methods and techniques of relaxing, classic, therapeutic, body and erotic massage to the perfection. They have perfect bodies and beauty, queens are jealous of, and their abilities to give pleasure are really boundless.
The progress brought us not only such advances as technical and technological independence, but, unfortunately, a lot of problems as well. Never ending fuss in megapolises resembles an ant hill: everyone is in a hurry, chasing a rainbow, and this race doesn’t stop and doesn’t end.
A wonderful atmosphere, full of relax and bliss, exclusive attention and tender loving care are waiting for you in the “Super Massage” salon.
Cosmetic procedures and SPA, gentle peeling and relaxing massages, vitalizing your body, making your skin firm and velvet-like are at your disposal in our salon.
Everything is for you: a special interior, flame of oriental candles, resembling a wild, primal fire, tempting aromas of cinnamon, ylang-ylang, sandal and patchouli, Persian rose and mountain violet.
With the accompaniment of a gentle music, Fairies of our salon will carry you away to the world of fantasies, bliss and delight, treat you to incomparable pleasure and send you to the seventh heaven.
We can assure you: Kiev hasn’t known erotic body massage Kiev of such level up to now!
The “Super Massage” salon suggests you to remember about yourself and your desires. We’ll help you to stop this rat-race, step aside the routine, we’ll give warmth to your frozen heart and send your body to the seventh heaven. Young lads and mature men, men and women, lonelyhearts and married couples – we are happy to welcome every guest!
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