Back massage

          In the back area there are no vital organs, but the back itself performs an important function. The spine bears the weight of the whole body, and sometimes after a long and tiring day the back seems to scream for help, therefore it is to this part of the body that you must be treated with special care and affection, cherish it and pamper. When erotic back massage is used a variety of techniques and techniques: stroking, grinding, kneading, all vibrating and shock techniques, in a word, something that will not only be useful, but also enjoyable - everything depends on the imagination of both partners.
          When starting a back massage, choose the place most comfortable for both partners, warm the massage oil, relax and concentrate at the same time. The partner who has a back massage should lie on a flat surface, arms stretch along the body or bend at the elbows and place them over his head - it all depends on where he feels most comfortable. Place next to your beloved, sitting on your lap.
           Many modern massage aids say that with an active back massage, the active partner should sit on the back of his beloved. In this case, we allow ourselves to disagree with this opinion: do not bother the already strained partner's back, give her a break and help with the massage to relax. Pour the massage oil on your hands (but not on your back) and start rubbing it all over your back.
           Do an erotic back massage gently, letting your partner know how much you love him. It is very good if the oil that you use when back massage, has some pleasant smell. The aroma coming from it will excite both partners.
           Place one hand along the spine, and the other on the side and guide both arms simultaneously in the longitudinally diagonal direction and. Going back, do the stroking with your fingertips. Remember that with back massage, the skin is enriched with oxygen, blood circulation in tissues improves, skin integuments are regenerated. Stroking is the best way to prepare the skin and muscles for the perception of stronger effects.
           Place both brushes on the massage surface with your palm side, with your fingers wide apart. Thumbs should perform circular rubbing movements in opposite directions from each other. The movement of all the other fingers should be directed towards the little fingers. This procedure lasts 3-4 minutes. If the massage of this area of ​​the body is pleasant to your partner, then rubbing can be performed with burdening. To do this, place one hand on the other, and with the brush on the body, continue to grind in circular motions.

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