Buttock massage

Массаж ягодицThe hips and buttocks, like the rest of the body, will enjoy the massage. Do not forget that the presence of a special oil or cream can provide a smooth and free glide during massage of the buttocks. In the beginning, as usual, we apply light stroking – a technique that not only leads to excitement, but also helps the passive partner to relax before a more intensive massage of the buttocks. Put one hand on the inner thigh with the palm side, the second hand in the same way, but on the buttock, as shown in the photographs. Longitudinal stroking of the inside of the thighs with erotic massage of the buttocks gives most women a particular pleasure. This is due not only to the fact that the reverent touch of the partner’s hands to the buttocks and to all other parts of the body to some extent leads to excitement, but also to the fact that the inside of the thighs is an erogenous zone, the effect on which brings unearthly pleasure. Erotic massage salon for buttocks massage uses double ring kneading, rubbing with thumbnails in the hands and squeezing. Starting to massage the buttocks, put your hands on a specific area of ​​the body so that the distance between them is equal to the width of one brush. Without bending your fingers, grab the muscle and lift it slightly. Carrying out an erotic massage of Kiev buttocks, make sure that one hand produces a displacement of the muscle in the direction from itself, and the other – towards itself.