Foot massage
Legs, like all other parts of the body, need care and care, so, massaging your hands, proceed to massage your feet. Do not worry the passive partner, because he is relaxed and feels great, it is better to continue the massage and to give him the maximum pleasure. Foot massage can be performed at a low and high position and massage therapist, that is, sitting or standing. As a rule, they do this while sitting, as both partners should not experience discomfort in an erotic massage.
Back massage
When starting a back massage, choose the place most comfortable for both partners, warm the massage oil, relax and concentrate at the same time. The partner who has a back massage should lie on a flat surface, arms stretch along the body or bend at the elbows and place them over his head - it all depends on where he feels most comfortable. Place next to your beloved, sitting on your lap.

Buttock massage
Longitudinal stroking of the inner side of the thighs while massaging the buttocks to the majority of women is a special pleasure. This is due not only to the fact that the trembling touch of the partner's hands to the buttocks and to all other parts of the body to some extent lead to excitement, but also because the inner side of the thighs is an erogenous zone, the impact on which brings unearthly pleasure.
Head massage
 Starting the head massage, gently stroke the face of your beloved, stroke your fingertips along the cheeks, temples, lips, nose, trembling touch the skin around the eyes and do not forget that all these actions need to be performed with the utmost care. After you have examined every inch of your loved one's skin and made sure that her body and face relaxed and can respond to your touch, continue the massage, performing the same trembling and exciting touch.
History of massage
Ancient people, who did not have enough knowledge, nevertheless paid much attention to massage and considered it to be the most effective way of healing. As for the actual erotic massage Kiev, then its origin goes back to ancient times. Sexual instinct is inherent in man, and his physical attraction to the opposite in sex is then and is now considered quite natural and natural phenomenon.
Erogenous zones
And now it is worth to tell about what for such a variety of massage techniques in general. Ancient scientists from India and China already knew that the big difficulty for a man is that, caressing, he is excited much faster than a woman. A whole science was developed, including the system of exercises, which, on the one hand, restrained the desire of a man, and on the other hand, helped to maintain an erection without ejaculation for a long time. The professional could bring to the full satisfaction for the night twelve virgins and this is not an exaggeration.

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