Erotic foot massage in Lviv

Эротический массаж ног во ЛьвовеFeet, like all other parts of the body, need care and attention, so after massaging your hands, start massaging your feet. You should not disturb the passive partner, since he is relaxed and feels great, it is better to continue the Lviv erotic massage and thereby give him maximum pleasure. Erotic foot massage in the Lucky salon can be performed in a low and high position and a massage therapist, that is, sitting or standing. As a rule, they do this while sitting, since both partners should not experience discomfort during an erotic massage.
Place your palms smeared with cream on the insides of your legs and start lightly stroking. Then, in a circular motion, gently squeeze the massaged area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe leg and, with some effort, bring your palms to your knees.

Follow this procedure several times. This is dictated not only by the therapeutic and prophylactic effect of this technique, but primarily by the fact that most women have erogenous zones on the inside of their legs, touching which gives them incomparable pleasure.
To add some excitement to the erotic foot massage, the active partner can lightly touch the groin area, stroke the lower abdomen with very gentle circular movements. After massaging the inside of the legs, proceed to massage the outside. As before, gently stroke the outside of the legs and only after that start the actual massage, namely rubbing. Of most massage techniques, rubbing is the most effective.

In order for the masseur’s hands to easily slide over the partner’s skin, care must be taken that they are lubricated with oil or cream. But this should not be abused, otherwise the skin will be very slippery, and it will simply be impossible to massage it.
This is followed by an equally pleasant method of Thai erotic massage – push-ups. Position yourself on the side of your partner on your knees and start massaging the thighs of the legs. Place one hand on the groin area, and the other parallel to it, but in the opposite direction. Next, gently squeeze the muscle tissue and hold it in this position for a few seconds, and then also gently release. Your hands should move from the groin to the knees. In addition to push-ups, cross-shifting can be used when massaging the front of the legs. In this case, kneel beside your partner and start massaging the leg with both hands. Your arms should be placed symmetrically with respect to your partner’s legs. With little effort, you move the muscle tissue and thereby make the blood run faster through the veins and vessels. The Lucky erotic massage salon in Lviv is always glad to see you.