Foot fetish Lviv

Foot fetish in Lviv and sexual relations

Фут фетиш ЛьвовThe classic version of foot fetishism, to a greater extent refers specifically to the male sex, to sexual attraction to women’s legs. The foot fetish of Lions is quite an ancient phenomenon that has existed for at least several centuries!

By the way, foot fetish brings pleasure to both partners, since foot caresses are very exciting, because there are many sensitive places on the feet that are erogenous zones, some super sensual women can even experience an orgasm from such caresses! Foot fetishism has several directions:

Foot ToeLicking – Sucking and licking toes. A man licks his toes, sticks his tongue between the toes of a woman, sucks them, bites them a little, this excites the woman insanely, but the man is just happy!
FootJob – Masturbation and caressing the genitals with your feet. And this kind of foot fetish is more prevalent among women, they love to play with their legs with a man’s cock! Although, there are lovers when a man puts his toes and even his foot into a woman’s vagina.
Tramling – Walking with feet on a naked body. Well, I don’t know, I mean, I’m also a foot fetishist, I love it when my girlfriend walks her feet on my back … In general, the touch of my beloved half is pleasant in any case, I think so.
Foot Massage — In my opinion, all women love foot massage, and hardly anyone will refuse such a buzz! Foot massage can serve as just a relaxing foot massage, or as a preliminary game for sex, smear the legs of your beloved woman with massage oil and massage, you will see how pleasant it is for both!
Lesbian girlfriends also sometimes play foot fetish! I wonder what it feels like when you put your foot in the vagina? If any of the women practiced such a fetish, write about your feelings?