Head massage

Массаж головыFor a long day, we work with our head, think, analyze, hide our feelings and emotions, as a result of which, in the evening, our face becomes unattractive. It reflects everything that happens to us in a day. Even when we are cheerful and smiling, about 13 muscles are involved. Therefore, a head massage and an erotic massage salon are just as necessary as a massage of all other parts of the body. Together with the pleasure of the massage, relaxation of the tense areas in the neck and the muscles of the nape of the neck will come. Starting an erotic massage of Lviv’s head, gently grab your beloved’s face with your fingertips, stroke along the cheeks, temples, lips, nose, carefully touch the skin around the eyes and do not forget that all these actions must be performed with extreme care. After you have examined every millimeter of your beloved’s skin and made sure that her body and face are relaxed and can respond to your touch, continue the massage, performing the same tremulous and exciting touch. When massaging the head, do not apply cream or massage oil so that the hands slip easily. This part of the body belongs to those areas during the massage of which lubricants are not required or will be required in minimal quantities. Gently apply to the face, combining stroking with kneading and light pressure. For men, erotic head massage is no less pleasant. After you massage your forehead with the palm side of your hand, proceed to massage your head with your thumbs. Put your brushes on your face so that your thumbs are above your eyebrows and the rest on your cheeks or temples. Use your thumbnails to make circular movements in the direction from the middle of the forehead to the edges. In this case, the movements can be directed along the forehead or across. When massaging the head, it must be remembered that all movements must be performed extremely carefully and carefully so as not to cause harm to the partner. Following the kneading circular movements during head massage, longitudinal strokes follow from the middle of the forehead to the temples. The use of this technique for head massage helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and muscles. This is a particularly effective technique for massage the so-called mental folds. Place your hands on your forehead so that your thumbs are in the middle of the massaged area and gently move your fingers in the direction of the temples. The procedure for longitudinal stroking with head massage should last no more than 2-3 minutes, however if it is pleasing to your partner, continue to massage this part of the head. This will not do any harm, on the contrary, your beloved will be surprised at how pleasant the touch can be, how much joy, warmth and calm your hands carry during the massage. The flow of energy from gentle hands will be so strong that after a massage of the head your beloved will gain a second wind. With the help of Thai massage in Lviv, sexual relations will acquire a new quality and become more exciting.