Shower – cocktail with a girl in Lviv

Many guys dream of being in the shower with a charming stranger. Such a wish will come true if you visit the Lucky massage parlor in Lviv and order water fun with a craftswoman. The naked beauty will be with you under the jets of water, the fragrant gel excites the sense of smell, the body is gently caressed by the girl’s soft hands. You will contemplate the mouth-watering curves of the body of the chosen craftswoman, and she will wash you from head to toe.

Spicy Technique Features

At the request of the guest, a cocktail shower can become a prelude, final or hot middle of a massage session – this moment must be discussed with the administrator of the Lucky salon in Lviv in advance. In such an addition, there are erotic notes and temptation, but it is impossible to persuade a girl to intimate contact, it is strictly prohibited with us. How will everything happen? Here are the highlights of immodest water fun:
  • you undress and stand under a jet of warm water;
  • a completely naked craftswoman joins you;
  • beauty applies lush foam with fragrant oil on your and her body;
  • a caring young lady rubs your shoulders, back, buttocks, chest and stomach with her palms, touches your intimate organs;
  • The minx will stop, give you a little rest, and then rub your chest, booty, tummy, all over you;
  • warm water will wash off the remains of the gel from the skin, the girl will dry you with a dry towel.
Душ с девушкой во ЛьвовеOften erotic massage Lviv in the shower ends for a man with a bright orgasm. Although its goal is to warm up the desire of the client and set him up for an erotic vacation. But not all guys can resist the tenderness and caresses of the beauty, they achieve relaxation. What types of massage harmonizes with a cocktail shower It goes well with body massage – the craftswoman will help the guest to wash, then she will offer to lie down on the bed, she will slide her body over it. After erotic bathing, the beauty kisses the whole body of a man with hot lips and licks with her tongue if he orders the “Sakura Branch”. Choose frank touches to the craftswoman, then you will be able to caress her in the most intimate places. Combine a shower with a girl and a lingam massage. The young lady will stimulate the penis until you achieve complete relaxation. If you want to diversify your rest in the salon, try classical techniques on yourself, then water fun, finish the scenario with eroticism. Watch a lesbian show performed by two beauties, and then have fun under the jets of water.
Benefits of shower massage
Water procedures have long been considered a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Water washes away fatigue and negativity from the body, sets you in a romantic mood. All anxieties and hardships will be forgotten as soon as the man is with the girl under a warm shower. This technique is of great benefit to the male body:
  • uplifts the mood, removes depression and nervous tension;
  • purifies the skin and improves blood circulation throughout the body;
  • relaxes muscles, relieves clamps and stiffness;
  • invigorates, charges with positive energy, improves immunity;
  • restores male strength, is an excellent prevention of impotence.
Order a shower cocktail at the Lucky salon in Lviv. This is a seductive mixture of pleasure and bliss, caresses and tenderness from the most beautiful girl in our establishment. You can choose a program performed by two masseuses, they will wash your body in 4 hands. We have showers in every room, so you don’t have to wait in line to be alone with the craftswoman. We work around the clock, come visit us anytime.