Foot massage

Place creamy palms on the inside of the legs and begin stroking lightly. Then, in a circular motion, gently squeeze the massaged area of the leg and, with some effort, lead your palms to your knees. Perform this procedure several times.

Back massage

Starting to massage your back, choose the place most convenient for both partners, warm the massage oil, relax and focus at the same time. A partner who is given a back massage should lie on a flat surface, stretch his arms along the body or bend at the elbows and place them over his head – it all depends on in which position he feels most comfortable.

Buttock massage

Longitudinal stroking of the inside of the thighs during massage of the buttocks gives most women a particular pleasure. This is due not only to the fact that the reverent touch of the partner’s hands to the buttocks and to all other parts of the body to some extent leads to excitement, but also to the fact that the inside of the thighs is an erogenous zone, the effect on which brings unearthly pleasure.

Head massage

Starting a head massage, gently grab the face of your beloved with your fingertips, stroke along the cheeks, temples, lips, nose with your fingertips, carefully touch the skin around the eyes and do not forget that all these actions must be performed with extreme care.

Massage history

Ancient people, who did not have a sufficient supply of knowledge, nevertheless paid great attention to massage and considered it the most effective way of healing. As for the actual erotic massage, its origin goes back to ancient times.

Erogenous zones

And now it’s worth talking about why such a variety of massage techniques was generally needed. Ancient scientists from India and China already knew that the greatest difficulty for a man is that, caressing, he is excited much faster than a woman. A whole science was developed, which includes a system of exercises that, on the one hand, restrained a man’s desire, and on the other, helped to maintain an erection for a long time without ejaculation.

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